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  2. Joined Heart.TF!

    Well,since I got addicted to Heart.TF,Having an account doesn't seem so bad. ^.^
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  4. i want that festive scattergun c:
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  6. Hey! I want to trade away my Strange Tossle Cap. The price can be decided with me. Please note that I have tradehold. Steam Name: Simon Link: You can often find me on the JailBreak servers that I will soon apply for moderator on. Thanks -Simon Have some clorox for fun.
  7. Hello from Game Developer!

    What the... I've never seen you as a dev? Tell me more about you so i can know more.
  8. Hello from Game Developer!

    Hello! I think I need to be a part of these society, because as the developer I don't have much time to play videogames, but also I should know a lot about game industry. I think is perfect for this! I see in my dreams that curates my game! I don't want to insert the link to it - it looks like spam in this way. So I just want to ask - how can I suggest a game for curating?
  9. Notice

    I see your point Will. I can see from your perspective that its really annoying, that there is not so many staff members on the tf2 servers. But personally im on the servers once to twice a say. (It ofc depends on what im doing and what mood im in).
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    Well, Cauge i do all the work cause you do something you aren't that active that i am. And i do lots of work everyday but ofcourse your right but if your an staff you still must be active. I see lots off staff online playing other games not being online not to be rude but like Ramy, Summoie.
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    Lads let's be honest here. Many of us have school, homework, work, etc. to do, and many of us take that as a higher priority than coming on.(Ofc we still come online tho).But you cant just say that you and Will do all the work. We all do something and it could be that you areonline all the time and people always asks for your help and I feel yourpain. But you are doing it for the team man, remember that. Have a nice day, from Cauge.
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    Yeah if Will leaves we'll be fucked. I think Will should be able to be a higher rank to let Robbie take a break
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    Also, if Will leaves I'm super fucked, as Festivo is stil ltm and isnt on as much as me and Will are, I'd have to basically be there, for a logn ass time by myself, with no sanity or backup, heck, since guardban is broke i have to banpeople who continously join blu with no mic, when there's a bunch of people stuck on red with mics.
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    Mhm, seeing how I'm the banner because Will is somehow still TM, it pains me to come on when Will cant remove a mass freekiller, as I just wanted to relax, as im forced to watch over for an hour, leave, just to come back to another freekiller, seriously.
  15. Egh, I dont know, being active almost every day is hard, especially when things go ape shit 3 days in a row  and you're the only mod online...

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    I think i'm the actives one on jailbreak mostly, i'm always on that's all i do. But i'm super pissed that i can't relax for like 1 hour alone, but i really love but sometimes i want to leave it badly. I won't leave yet.
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    I have to agree but, I care abotu this server too much, even though I'm getting pissed off how I'm basically the, online almost every day for hours, and getting called upon when I'm trying to relax. I've become the most active person in the Eu servers, checking, mario kart, minecraft world, the other minecraft world, and jailbreak. It's getting ridiculous how I have no help, so I have to be relyed on
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    Let's be honest here, there is no sense in trying to ignore the elephant in the room. died before it got off the ground, I can't help steer a boat without a crew or rudder. I can't do surgery on a rotted corpse. I'm not going to suffocate myself by staying on this sinking ship. There's little to no decent people on, a majority have left. Most of the good staff have left. All of this for good reason.Thank you for the time and goodbye.
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  21. One story

  22. One story

    In the toilet
  23. One story

    In emmerdale
  24. Whats all your favorite Gamemodes

    Moved for not being an introductory post.
  25. Whats all your favorite Gamemodes

    hmm............................. trade kappa
  26. Whats all your favorite Gamemodes

    Jailbreak :)
  27. My favorite Game mode is surfing altough there is not much of it, that doesnt mean it isnt fun. :D
  28. Hello! I'm Titan.

    A petition? really? And we dont let you? Its your fault if we dont let you. With that post youre not going to be an admin.
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