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  4. 1/18/2017 :: Changelogs

    Added 11 new TF2 servers, located in CA. 6 new TF2 servers, located in SG. Donator rank. You can check the full server list, by clicking hereor by visitin'
  5. Sweden is a great country?

    I dunno what youre talking about so im just gonna quote all of what u said and say OK xDDDDDDDDDDDdDDDDDDDD.
  6. more staffs on everyday?

    If I possibly get Moderator i'll be on all the time,on the weekdays not so often but i'll still go if I can. On the weekends i'll be on very early so I'm gonna be on alot. :P
  7. more staffs on everyday?

    but the Problem is that some staff haveschool or Work. and I make a Topic about it that I will kinda be active for 1-4 Hours. If there is weekend some staff will come back (maybe)
  8. Sweden is a great country?

    Bruh sweden is not a good country ;)))
  9. Sweden is a great country?

    and in my Country iTS SO HOT
  10. Sweden is a great country?

    NOPE SWEDEN IS COLD ASF LMAO, but it's a good country. It's about TOO COLD ok i'm weird i'll fly to china bye and have it worm and good.
  11. more staffs on everyday?

    So i'd like too make a suggestion, i think that we need more active staff. I'm not saying that the staff we have right now is inactive. I'd just like to get some more because always when i'm in the jailbreak somone does break the rules and then there is no admins on.. They are mostly one sometimes but not everyday. I understand they need to take social life first but i just wanted to say that. This is a vote about if it should be more staffs on everyday.
  12. Hey Guys

    Welcome ;)
  13. A short introduction...

    Welcome to the community.
  14. Hey Guys

    Welcome to the community.
  15. Hey Guys

    Welcome to Heart.TF. bonk boy Hope you enjoy and Have Fun!
  16. Hey Guys

    Hello there, I whould like to meet you all but That's Not possable But anyways I hope every ones good,
  17. The Freekillers problem

    Most of you know the problem with the Freekillers.There are 't too much or they are't at all when and admin/moderator is on the server.But when there's no admin/moderator online,it's pretty hard to have fun sometimes.At least in other Jailbreak servers,if there's no admin/moderator,it's chaos.What iI said was an example of another Jailbreak server.But in Heart.TF Jailbreak server,Freekillers are pretty rare,and thta's good.I don't have anything more to say now.Bye and have a nice day! P.S:Sorry if there are some grammar wrongs.I writted this in a hurry and I did't check.
  18. Idk why i ask you people about this.

    My fav numbers are 1969 and 2069
  19. A short introduction...

    So,Hello! I see you have stumbled on this "Topic" and want to know more about me i'm guessing. So basically I'm from the United Kingdom,I love playing games,I'm very good at computing and I type way to fast for a 12 year old. I'm half Spanish,half Portuguese and the only connection I have with England is that i was born here! I love playing Team Fortress 2 as it is my most played game on my steam profile with 700+ hours on my current account and another 700 on my alternate account. So that's all you need to know about me! See you later I guess..
  20. Hi guys!

    Hey Welcome
  21. Hi guys!

    Welcome to the community!
  22. Hi guys!

    Hi!My name is TheCrazyGamer1919(on forums),and in TF2 my name is CrazyGamer19.I'm 10(I know,i'm kinda small).I live in Europa,Romania.I like this server!So,that's everything inportant about me.I hope everyone will have a nice day.
  23. Howdy my dudes.

    Welcomeee ~~~ ;)
  24. Earlier
  25. 420 cuz i love to blaze kekekek
  26. Howdy my dudes.

    Welcome to the community man.
  27. Howdy my dudes.

    It's nice to See you Axelity. Welcome to the Community. hope you enjoy your stay. p.s I love Pears, they are Healthy:3
  28. Howdy my dudes.

    P.S. Don't let me eat pears.
  29. Howdy my dudes.

    Hello everyone! Lads and Lasses! Now you might recognize me from theJailbreakservers, but if not...I'll introducemyself. P.S. I don't like pears. Ihatepears. They're disgusting. Welp, that's all you can know about me. See you in Jailbreak. ;) I'm just a casual 23 year old man who lives in Romania, but was originated in London. I play Team Fortress 2 more often than other games since I like killing others rather than building or just stealth games. My favourite class is the spy. I'm a Reporting Station when I'm in Jailbreak, everytime someone breaks a rule continuously, I just report to: "Herobrine24", "Cauge" "Binary Byter (now known as Robbie Rotten)" or "FestivoT-Rex".
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