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  2. 4/28/2017 :: Changelogs

    UpdatedWebshortcuts. Updated Donations System. Fixedmost of the servers bugs. Fixed Taunts. Fixed CCCM for Donators & Staff.
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  4. Forums Added Email Verification. Changed the looks of the forums theme. Cleared up some trash topic(s). Updated the donation sidebar. (We're working up on the donation system) Staff We had demoted most of our staff, to start building a totally new team. Staff Applications Will be reviewed only byourdirector(s) & root(s) for this time. Server Updating We're planning to re-build our servers, trying to fix most of the bugs/crashes we're having. Thanks for everyone who had supported us, to rebuild our community. We really appreciate your help by keepin' us up!
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  7. murderer

    when u have an idea and u realize ur idea may be meh but when u look back at what u said ur like
  8. introduction of me :3

    WELCOME TO DA COMMUNITY MATE :3333333333333 u btw have fun
  9. murderer

    Confusing xd I dont understand cause of the grammar, sry.
  10. introduction of me :3

    Welcome fam!
  11. introduction of me :3

    Welcome to the Community! -Cauge
  12. introduction of me :3

    hello, my name is Sacha Hajek or mama jesus i am a boy and im for the Netherlands im 16 years old i play alot of tf2 and i make sfm poster or i try to make poster i got here from your jailbreak server, jalbreak is my favorite game mode on tf2 im lvl 15 on steam i have over 700+ hours on tf2 i'am a engineer main of casual and a spy main on jailbreak servers i play 9 out of the 10 times on your jailbreak server
  13. Yo, im new ;3

    hello and welcome to the community hopfully u wil have alot of fun :3
  14. murderer

    u might play gmod and already know what this is ima explain anyway this lr gives a random player arandom classwith random weapon. the bystanders have no guns altoughu can choos when u have lr if peopol get guns(atleast 1)how many peopol can get guns (and if 3 or more guns then the playerwont drop gun when deadand if 3 or more ammo will be reduced. the gun is only secondary. one with guns can be engie,scout,medic,and pyro) the murderer has tobe sneaky otherwise other players willknow and warnthe bystanders about it this. means the secret weapon bystanders also know the murder can not be (heavy,sniper,demo,and soldier) this might cause troubel because bystanders with gun can just shoot the not bannd classes so what i like to do is this- ther bystanders with guns are the rest of classes(engie,scout,medic.pyro) this gives murder a hint he can choos from the not banned classes but bystanders cant choos their class with them its random soits higher chance that more players will be mabye heavy ordemo. this means murder shoudekill the engies or medics i hear u: but mclars they can just kill until they kill the murderer.welllet meshow why they cantlets takeaengie he shoots inoccent bystander and ther are3 or more players with gun it dispears. when this is not the case the gun will bedroped and not be abel to be picked up for 45 sec so yeits not smart thats all der is to dis mini game
  15. ima new

    longer one: hi im McLars08 i made my account because i play for a long time although i never made an account and here i am now i woud like to play on more heartf servers and make friends hopfully i will learn more about heartf and have a fun time on this site P.S i made a longer one because i didnt realy say much so ye here is the longer version of it
  16. About the staff requirements

    vicyy i didnt apply because of meh age so i agree with the rush thinga and the 20 Sentences also agreed mabye a little les but i get the point
  17. ima new

    Welcome :p
  18. ammo day

    Great suggestion :)
  19. ammo day

    Could be good
  20. ima new

    Welcome :D
  21. ima new

    thnx just that thnx XD
  22. ima new

    Welcome to the community Lars!
  23. ammo day

    this will be a one time vote [0/1] my idea may be stupid i dont know it came to mind: when lr is chosen all reds start of witha certain amount of ammo. scout: he has 6 already loaded and 12 more to shoot soldier: he has 4 loaded and 10 to shoot pyro: has 80 flame. demo dusnt get stickies but gets 4 to shoot 8 left (heavy may be op but 100 ammo) engie has shotgun so i shoude give him 6 shots and 20 to load. sniper gets 5 shots but has full smg. medic has full except for cross bow then medic gets 13 arrows and spy get full. this might be a weird lr but is perfect for a quick day of rebeling.i gave it [0/1] because its powerfull and i didnt want this to be evre lr evre round i like a bit of normal jailbreak. P.S u might wane safe this if any freekiller joins
  24. ima new

    i made a reply to myself
  25. ima new

    im new to dis site but not the servers mabye ill find a thing or two here
  26. Yo, im new ;3

    Welcome to the community! - Cauge
  27. Yo, im new ;3

    Welcome Vicyy, I'd hope you'll enjoy it here :)
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