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  1. Chrismas GiveAway

    Giveaway ends on 25th December 2:30 PM
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  3. Chrismas GiveAway

    Hello my name is Hadley and as i like christmas im going to be giving away these following TF2 items : The Sneaky Spats of Sneaking Painted Australium gold The Cut Throat Concierge Painted Australium Gold Charmer's Chapeau Painted After Eight The Burning Bongos Tail From the Crypt Strange Apoco-Fists How to join? Youmusttoconfirmall thefollowing tasks Tasks Youmustjoin the forums, using yoursteam account Youmustbe a part of Heart.TFSteamgroup Youmustinvite atlease +15 members toHeart.TFSteamgroup Youmustcomment onHeart.TFSteamgroup"One Heart. One Community." Youmustbe a part of Heart.TFdiscord server Your steam profile must bepublic All done? Comment below anything you want atany amount you want! [TIP] The more comments you do the more chance you have to win! Thank you all for being a really nice community
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    Welcome and merry xmas
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    Merry xmas
  6. im new here

    Yes I do with 2000 hours
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    Green energy
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  10. hi im new

  11. how to not introduce myself to the community

    Well that is one way
  12. Welcome and Merry xmas

    Merry xmas to you
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  14. Hadley staff apply

    SteamName:=HTF=Hadley (Merry Chrismas) Steam Link:http://steamcommunity.com/id/HadleyM SteamID32:STEAM_0:0:59008329 Country & Timezone: Australia GMT:1 Age:18 Havei donated before? Yes 1 I have had a lot of exp with staff with being on 5 different community which shut down and now I would like to help This community now 2 with everything if I got staff I wouldn't wait to get called I would join one server and see if they need help if not I'll keep searching for different severs to join and join call when people need me 3 i do know a lot of the rules which will help you and me in staff situations 4 I never abuse my powers and the community I try to make a even happier community like it is now 5 I do know all the commands to source menu and I would use my menu when I have to but for now that won't be a problem at all 6 if someone needs help I will help because this means a lot to be a staff member and I would like to help you community .