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How to Donate to Heart.TF

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  • Rainbow Chat!
  • Having your own pets!
  • Donator rank on the forums & as well the Discord server!
  • [Donator] In-game chat tag.!
  • A exclusive Donator menu, easy to use & showing all commands.!
  • Changing your class!
  • Extra 50,000 store credits.
  • Allows you to apply a DSP Effect to your class's voice
  • Speeding your taunt, making it faster or slower.
  • Change your weapon size!
  • Goto menu.
  • Changing your tag/name/chat colors!
  • Trail & Glow, will follow you where ever you go!
  • Particle effects on your weapons.
  • Resizing your body!

Donate Amount:

  • Anything between 1 - 5 keys will be added as donator for 1 month!
  • Lifetime = 10$ / 5 TF2 Keys

Payment Methods:

  • You can pay by using PayPal or TF2 Keys.

How to pay?

If you are going to pay using PayPal, please send the money to [email protected]. However If you want to pay using TF2 Keys, you can trade offer me here.


[Please note!]

  • You still have to follow the rules!
  • Abusing your power, may let you loss the donator rank!
  • No re-funding!
  • Features may not always work with you, due servers/databases problems!
  • Your name will be added in Hall of Frames (List of the top donators)


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